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Last updated Monday Morning, January 27th, 2013 at 12:00am EDT.

Welcome to a great new year of hockey!!!

January 27th
The GHRA event schedule has been updated.

September 30th
The Schedule and Rosters are being finalized over the next few days. Please be patient as we work to get everything correct. Also remember to go to PointStreak, it is the home of the regular season game schedule!

The GHRA Board

August 26th

You MUST have a current AAU membership number (the New Year and renewal began on September 1st) to COACH or PLAY in the GHRA Hockey League.  Follow the AAU Membership link below or click here  to go to AAU and register for your new membership number.    

Club Name: GHRA

Club Code: WW3WB8   

Players and coaches can now register to play or coach during the 2013 -2014 GHRA Season! To do so, click the link directly below or via the link in the lower left-hand navigation area.  REMEMBER YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE AAU IN ORDER TO REGISTER!!!!

                                             Click here to Register!

August 5th